Great Dining

  • Bailey's and Coffee


    Classic dessert drink with or without whipped cream as you like

  • Chilled Sambuca


    Chilled, neat Sambuca with an espresso bean

  • Chocolate Martini


    Svedka Vanilla Vodka, Godiva liquors, Bailey's & Kalua

  • Iced Stout Coffee


    Espresso, Xocoveza Stout, Godiva Chocolate liquor & vanilla vodka poured over ice, topped with sweet cream

  • Espresso Martini


    Svedka Vanilla Vodka, Espresso, Kalua, Godiva Liquors, Bailey's

  • Irish Coffee


    Tullamore Dew XO Rum Cask, Coffee, Crème de Menthe Liquor, Whipped Cream

  • Plat8 Kiss


    Fluted Limoncello on ice, Soda, Fresh Fruit garnish

  • Old Fashioned Coffee


    Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey, Coffee, Simple Syrup & Bitters